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What is GeoWoodstock?

First held in 2003 by JoGPS as a way to bring “geocachers from all over” together. JoGPS says it started as “all about the numbers” but continues as “all about the number of new friends you make and smiles you share.” In 2006, GeoWoodstock Dallas become the first Geocaching Mega Event, in the world. In 2018, GeoWoodstock Cincinnati became the first Geocaching Giga Event in North America. The event continues to be an annual pilgrimage for Geocachers around the globe.

Who are the GW Ambassadors?

Founded in 2017, the GW Ambassador team has been a grassroots community driven movement to share from one Geocacher to another about GeoWoodstock.

GW Ambassador Supported Events:

The love and passion for GeoWoodstock is what drives every GW Ambassador. As GeoWoodstock has been an annual Geocaching Tradition since 2003, the GW Ambassador team was only formed in 2017 and as such has not been in place to support each year. Here are the years supported to date:

Cincinnati OH (XVI)

Event Date: May 26th 2018
Event By:
• AFK Geocaching
• Clermont County CVB

Fort Worth TX (XVII)

Event Date: May 25th 2019
Event By:
• Texas Geocaching Association

The XVI Support Team participated in a reported 489 Events.

Thank you to Scott Milled (gsmX2) for your time and dedication in data gathering.

Thank you to the Geocaching Community, Geocaching HQ and the GW Ambassador team for your support! We went Giga because of community support driven by the passion of the GW Ambassadors."Jesse Tuttle, Host of GeoWoodstock Cincinnati

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